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                      Our country will thrive only if our culture thrives, and our nation will be strong only if our culture is strong.
                                                                        ——Excerpt from the third volume of Xi Jinping: The Governance of China



           Anhua Township:

           Electric yueqin invigorates

           Yi songs and dances

           江川安化 : 月琴奏出新生活

         By Pu Meiling, Li Dan, Han Xuedong and Yang Yixiao      □ 浦美玲 李丹 韩雪冬 杨怡霄 / 文

           In Anhua Township, located in Jiang-  itations in terms of its volume and sound   developing the first-ever circuit board for   utilized various materials, resulting in the
        chuan District, Yuxi City, the Yi ethnic   quality. Particularly in situations where   yueqin.           creation of exquisitely crafted instruments.
        group has a rich tradition of singing and   large groups of people were singing and   “The electric yueqin, powered by a   Last year, his first electric yueqin was
        dancing. Their musical accompaniment   dancing together, its music would some-  rechargeable battery, can be effortlessly   bought for 7,600 yuan as soon as it was
        often revolves around the enchanting melo-  times be overshadowed and drowned out.   turned on with a finger flick,” said Mu.   completed. The electric yueqin has gar-
        dies produced by a four-stringed instrument   Some yueqin players attempted to solve   “With two powerful loudspeakers, it   nered immense popularity among villagers
        known as yueqin. However, in recent years,   this issue by attaching microphones to their   delivers a significantly enhanced sound   who have had the privilege of playing it.
        through their creativity and skill, the young   instruments, but this approach often led to   compared to the traditional yueqin. Fur-  “Both the musical instrument itself and
        musicians from this local community have   undesirable noise and whistling sounds. To   thermore, the integrated circuit board re-  the mastery of its playing skills hold im-
        successfully transformed the traditional   address these challenges, a diligent and in-  fines the sound quality, resulting in reduced   mense significance in our ethnic culture. It
        yueqin into an electric variant. This devel-  novative young man named Mu Chen, be-  noise.” While the electric yueqin maintains   is our solemn responsibility to ensure their
        opment has breathed a new life into the   longing to the local community, embarked   nylon strings, its sound can be easily ad-  preservation and transmission across gen-
        musical traditions of the Yi ethnic group.  on a quest for a solution. After much con-  justed to achieve varying reverberation   erations,” Mu said. “I’ve noticed a remark-
           The traditional yueqin typically features   templation, Mu came up with the idea of   effects thanks to the built-in circuit board.  able surge in the appreciation for our ethnic
        high-quality red toon boards as its primary   incorporating electronic components into   Mu, now 22, started his yueqin journey   culture over the past two years. Every
        material. To produce its melodic tones,   the instrument. In October of last year, he   at the age of 15 under the tutelage of Pu   time we perform, the audience’s love and
        elastic nylon fishing lines are delicately   approached an electronic product company   Jiaming, a recognized provincial intangible   admiration for our artistry brings me tre-
        strung across the instrument. Notably, on   located in Foshan City, Guangdong Prov-  cultural heritage inheritor. Over the years,   mendous joy and pride.” Mu is determined
        the front surface of yueqin, a set of cres-  ince, seeking assistance. Collaborating with   Mu has achieved mastery in playing the   to safeguard and propagate the yueqin pro-
        cent-shaped holes is intricately carved,   a senior engineer from the company, Mu   Yi saxian music and the rare guojie tunes.   duction techniques. He aspires to introduce
        serving as the outlets for the resonant sound   dedicated an entire month to trial and ex-  Through countless experiments and ded-  this extraordinary instrument from the local
        to reverberate.                    perimentation. Their joint efforts bore fruit,   icated practice, Mu has continuously im-  Yi community to the wider world through
           The traditional yueqin often faced lim-  with Mu and the engineer successfully   proved the yueqin production process and   innovative development and promotion.
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