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            Over the past few days, the ginkgo trees along Kunming’s Wenlin Street have reached their peak of beauty. Bathed
        in the warm winter sun, these trees gleam with a captivating golden hue.  (Photo by Yang Zheng)
            连日来,昆明文林街银杏进入最佳观赏期,在暖阳的冬日里,一路金黄,景色醉人。(杨峥 摄)

                                                                                               In winter, the Lashihai Wetland Park in Lijiang reveals its
                                                                                            exceptional beauty. The park becomes a haven for a variety of
                                                                                            waterfowl, including graylags, mallards, coots, and wild cormorants.
                                                                                            These graceful creatures can be seen wading, foraging, dancing, and
                                                                                            playing in the shallows along the lakeshore. Their presence infuses
                                                                                            the picturesque plateau wetland with an aura of spirituality and an
                                                                                            undeniable sense of vitality. (Photo by Yang Zheng)
                                                                                            现充满灵动与生机的高原湿地生态美景。(杨峥 摄)
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