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                                                                                                                     FOCUS       |   焦点

                                                                                                    Car rally connects Yunnan

                                                                                                              with Southeast Asia


                                                                                  On the morning of November 16, 2023,   as a crucial link between China and South
                                                                                the 6  “The Belt and Road·Colorful Yun-  and Southeast Asia has significantly con-
                                                                                nan” Rally commenced its journey. This   tributed to the expansion of its tourism
                                                                                event involved a Chinese fleet comprising   industry. The Rally, spanning six South-
                                                                                45 off-road vehicles, which embarked on   east Asian countries, serves as a prime
                                                                                their expedition from Kunming. Over the   example of Yunnan’s outreach. With each
                                                                                course of 20 days, these vehicles traversed   kilometer covered during the rally, the
                                                                                approximately 7,000 kilometers, venturing   integration of sports with other sectors is
                                                                                through captivating landscapes in Laos,   elevated to a higher level.
                                                                                Cambodia, and Thailand. Along the way,   Yunnan offers far more than its pictur-
                                                                                they participated in a series of adrena-  esque high mountains, captivating rivers,
                                                                                line-pumping car races, while also engag-  majestic peaks, enchanting valleys, ex-
                                                                                ing in various events promoting economy,   pansive grasslands, serene lakes, thriving
                                                                                trade, sports, and cultural exchanges. Fi-  tropical rainforests, and ever-blooming
                                                                                nally, the fleet made its triumphant return   flowers. This wonderful land is also home
                                                                                to China.                         to hidden treasures in the form of niche
                                                                                  “Yunnan’s abundant natural resources   tourist destinations, waiting to be explored
                                                                                and diverse geological environments have   and discovered by adventurous travelers.
                                                                                bestowed the province with exceptional   During the inaugural leg of the sixth
                                                                                tourism offerings, allowing the industry   “The Belt and Road·Colorful Yunnan”
                                                                                to thrive on its fertile grounds,” remarked   Rally, as the participating vehicles ar-
                                                                                Wang Lei, leader of the Chinese rally   rived in Fengqing County, Lincang City,
                                                                                team. “The Belt and Road·Colorful Yun-  they encountered a brilliant blend of sce-
                                                                                nan” Rally, which has taken place six   nic beauty and ethnic charm. The rally
                                                                                times, has not only explored numerous   traversed numerous villages, tea planta-
                                                                                destinations within Yunnan but has also   tions, and forest parks, creating a delight-
                                                                                fostered connections between the province   ful and visually stimulating experience. In
                                                                                and several Southeast Asian countries.   Fengqing, the rally route passed through a
                                                                                “The remarkable variety of natural and   fascinating blend of urban roads, suburban
                                                                                cultural landscapes in Yunnan has trans-  streets, and rugged mountainous paths,
                                                                                formed it into a paradise for outdoor sports   featuring dramatic changes in altitude that
                                                                                enthusiasts.”                     left drivers exhilarated.
                                                                                  Past editions of the  Rally have encom-  Commenting on the transformative
                                                                                passed Diqing Tibetan Autonomous Pre-  power of sports for tourism, Wang said,
                                                                                fecture of Yunnan Province, which serves   “Sports are opening up new possibilities
                                                                                as a hub for an array of outdoor activities,   for Yunnan’s tourism sector.” He believes
                                                                                such as orienteering, camping, rafting,   that in the diverse and complex terrains of
                                                                                river tracing, and light extreme sports. The     Yunnan, off-road vehicles have the abili-
                                                                                Rally has also ventured into Nujiang Lisu   ty to venture into mountains and waters,
                                                                                Autonomous Prefecture of Yunnan Prov-  reaching places that are otherwise inacces-
                                                                                ince, attracting a vibrant community of   sible to the majority of tourists. Empow-
                                                                                marathon runners, cyclists, mountaineers,   ered by sports and culture, Yunnan’s niche
                                                                                hikers, and other sports enthusiasts. These   tourist destinations are poised to capture
                                                                                passionate individuals are instrumental in   the attention of a wider audience.
                                                                                driving the fusion of traditional sightsee-  Blessed with a mild winter climate and
                                                                                ing-oriented tourism with vibrant sports   abundant rare opportunities, Yunnan is
                                                                                experiences.                      rapidly gaining momentum in its pursuit
                                                                                  Moreover, Yunnan’s strategic location   of integrating sports and tourism.
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